NessTech CEO

President and CEO Message

We Develop and manufacture high-durable Instruments with rich creativity as a top brand of analogue measurement instruments.

Nesstech Inc. is a top brand manufacturing, developing and providing instruments measuring temperature, pressure and flow. We have fulfilled many customer’s demands as a leading company especially in respects of gearless temperature and pressure gauges.

Our products are supporting not only business, but also infrastructure worldwide being used in many fields such as power, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, ship building, machinery, food production, pharmaceutical, factory and building automation, etc. The strongest point of our products is to have high-durability. Our customers are satisfied with our products which carry long life span even when used under severe vibration or pulsation.

Also, we provide products against various customer requirements by making use of our overseas partners, distinguished engineering skills and creativity.

We will continue developing high reliable measurement instruments in order to provide maximum support for the success of our customer's business.

- President and CEO Shuro Tsukioka